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What We Do?

BOMBUS’s strength are concentrating in 2D, 3D, Concept Arts, Animation as core business deliveries. Each department has its own creativity to bring out the best products of BOMBUS’s Art to our clients.

3D Modeling & Texturing

BOMBUS is expert in 3D model in AAA games with the best quality especially in Realistics Style, Hand Paint Style, Characters, Vehicles, Background, Buildings and Props.


3D Free Rendering & Ingame Animation

BOMBUS’s Animation Team has our own feelings and personalities in creating animated characters. In particular, ingame and game cutscenes animations.


Concept Art

Japanimation Style and Global Style are BOMBUS Concept Art’s Team most strength parts because of the ability to apply and combine those 2 style with mixed skills and client’s vision in each product.


2D Resource

Besides 3D Arts, BOMBUS also offer 2D Resource including UI and Icons are needed to bring out the best quality artwork and concept based on the client’s request.

3D Modeling 
 & Texturing 3D Free Rendering 
 & Ingame Animation Concept Art 2D Resource

Our Workflow

Step 1


Request for development.

Step 2

Sample test work

Test progress with contents that can check work style and quality check.

Step 3


Negotiation of contract and work contents. Operation precautions and quality check

Step 4

Start work

Start work by organizing the team in consideration of graphic style.

Step 5

Feedback & revision

Feedback & revision

Step 6


Completion of work after final confirmation of the client.

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